Trip to Montefrío

Montefrio 2

On the 26th of June 53 friends of Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar went on a day’s excursion to the beautiful village of Montefrio, situated in the province of Granada.

After a leisurely stop for breakfast they arrived and were greeted at the entrance to the village by a team of friendly guides. They then walked up the steep road to the Castillo de la Villa, although some accepted the kind offer of one of the guides to go up by car, and there was time to admire the beautiful view from the old walls of the Moorish castle. Inside the church they were shown a video depicting the history of the Nasrid castle and there were also historical artefacts to see. Some brave people climbed the tower to make the most of the stunning views! After the return walk/drive back down they were taken in two groups by the tourist train , accompanied by the guides, to enjoy the charms of the municipality, the Iglesia de la Encarnación which was inspired by the Agrippa Pantheon in Rome, the famous Pena de los Gitanos and the National Geographical viewpoint. (Montefrio has been nominated by the National Geographical as one of the 10 villages in the world with the most beautiful views.) There was a visit to the Olive Oil museum, where the group watched a video about the process of the production of olive oil and they entered the cloisters of the Convento de San Antonio. The views from the walls outside were fantastic. Montefrio is in a truly stunning location, surrounded by fields of olives and magnificent scenery. After returning to the centre of the village there was time for a leisurely lunch in one of the local restaurants before making the return journey back to Torre del Mar, travelling through the area famous for growing asparagus and artichokes.
Everyone was tired after a busy day but all agreed that it had been a very enjoyable and interesting day in this truly beautiful village. Lux Mundi would like to thank all who supported this excursion, which enables them to continue with their charitable work and we hope to see you all at future events in the Centre and excursions.