Care Team, Support & Charity

Groups are a part of Lux Mundi, where people meet regularly and socialise with others having similar interests or backgrounds. They share their individual experiences and skills, thus forming a community of self-help, support and fulfilment. Anyone is welcome and further information may be gained by following any of the links illustrated.


Lux Mundi Fuengirola has a very close relationship with A.A. & N.A groups. For more information about their meetings please go to: alcoholics anonymous o narcotics anonymous 

Torre del Mar

Care Team

Will accompany anyone who has to visit a hospital, doctor, notary, solicitor or social worker. This service provides not only moral support, but help with any translation problems. If you are physically unable to help yourself with hospital visits, home visits, and shopping errands, these are all part of the service. We provide equipment for loan to the disabled. Wheelchairs, walking frames/sticks, commodes, etc. may be obtained by applying to the reception desk. A returnable deposit and a small donation are required to cover expenses