Ecumenical Activities

Cultural and Social


Fundraising Activities
Many of the activities we organize have a dual function. Firstly to provide venues for friendship & culture. And secondly to raise funds which enable us to sustain our efforts in helping  others and in the support of local charities. Volunteer to share your talents and/or participate in our activities and you help us to help others!!!
Friends of Lux Mundi
Lux Mundi receives no external funding and exists only through the help of friends, benefactors and the volunteers who give freely of their spare time. For those of us who for any reason are unable to contribute their personal time, talents, capabilities or knowledge in helping Lux Mundi to help others, can still be of great service by becoming a “Friend of Lux Mundi.” All that is needed to become a “Friend of Lux Mundi” is for you to make a gift of money either at regular intervals or as a one off contribution.
If you are interested in joining please contact us by telephone or email and we will give you the information necessary for you to send your donation. This will greatly support our work and earn you our heartfelt gratitude.