About us

Father Ramón E. Delius
Father Ramón E. Delius

Lux Mundi is a non-profit Christian foundation based in Fuengirola and Torre del Mar.

What is an Ecumencial Centre! An “Ecumenical centre” is a place where Christians from different denominations – Catholic, Protestant, Othodox, all Christian groups, meet to promote prayer and reflection – work and help to serve others to overcome the barriers that over the centuries have divided us, and to be visible witnesses to the unity of our faith. In 1969, as the Costa del Sol began opening up to tourism, Father Ramón E. Delius a Jesuit Priest, and also Diocesan Officer for Ecumenical Affairs in Málaga, saw a need in this age of mobility for a centre where the different churches could meet to find a warm welcome and friendship. As a result of this ideal, El Centro Ecuménico Lux Mundi, was officially opened in Fuengirola in December 1973 and has since evolved into a community that continues to respond to the needs of many residents and visitors from different countries and different confessions. Following this success and to provide the same facilities as its mother centre in Fuengirola, Lux Mundi Torre del Mar was founded in 1994. In 2003 Lux Mundi became a diocesan registered charity directed by the Málaga Diocese & the Jesuits. During these years Lux Mundi has maintained the goal of expressing together an interest & commitment for unity, prayer & service to others. Over many years residents, holiday visitors and travellers to the Costa del Sol have approached Lux Mundi searching for both spiritual and material assistance. There are many opportunities; to make new friends, and to join in meaningful and satisfying voluntary work. Lux Mundi gives thanks for its continued success to the dedicated work of all volunteers who share their faith and individual talents for the benefit of all.

Lux Mundi Offers:

  • Religious services for different denominations.
  • Ecumenical – Courses, services and talks.
  • The opportunity to meet and get to know people of different nationalities in a friendly setting.
  • Help people who are ill, alone, bereaved or experiencing other difficulties.
  • The loan of wheelchairs, crutches and walking frames at economical prices.
  • Different social and cultural activities – A library in various languages, trips, language learning, support groups…..